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Finding work can be a real challenge, especially if you don't have any experience. Yet to get experience you must first find a job. It's a nasty catch that can be difficult to get around but an internship is a good way to do it. Internships provide work experience opportunities to university students, recent graduates and people considering career changes. Employers are willing to hire interns with little or no experience, especially if the intern is willing to accept little or no monetary compensation. However, the benefits of doing an internship go far beyond your pay cheque.


There are a variety of well-validated ways to increase comprehension skills in students through instruction; these are summarized in this article. In addition, new hypotheses about effective comprehension instruction are emerging, and these are also summarized. Although too little comprehension instruction is now occurring in schools, much is known that would enable such teaching to be done with confidence; more will be known as the emerging hypotheses are evaluated in the years ahead.



PowerPoint and similar slide show presentation programs provide an effective approach to both student work and classroom instruction. When you teach students to use these programs and allow them to turn in work completed with them, you effectively prepare students for the world in which they will work as adults. Using PowerPoint and slide shows to teach offers benefits, as well. Technology surrounds students. To reach them, teachers must use the language they understand: technology. 


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