Table of Contents

 About The Company
Mission of Coca-Cola International
Our Mission Is To Maximize Share-Owner Value over Time
Our Profile
The company stock
Company’s Operating Management Structure
Social Responsiveness
Our Bottling System
History Of coca-cola
Coca-cola year by year
Brands of Coca-Cola
Financial Report of Coca-Cola International of Year 1999
Our Business
Bottling System
Debt Financing
Share Repurchase
Dividend Policy
Financial Risk Management
Foreign Currency
Interest Rates
Performance Tools
Total Return to Share Owners
History of Coca-Cola in Pakistan
Multan Beverages
Product Range
Area Covered by Multan Beverages
Company Objectives
Coca-Cola International In India And Pakistan
Mission of CCBPL, Multan Plant.
Changes In Multan Plant
Business Operations Manager (BOM)
New structure of Coca-Cola Multan Plant
Sales and Marketing Department:
Sales & Marketing Manager
Distribution of the Sales Area of Multan Plant
Multan Region
Sahiwal Region
Dera Ghazi Khan Region
Marketing Department
Finance Department
MIS (Management Information System) Department
Cash Room
Excise Office
Technical Department
Production Process
Production Rate
Logistic Department
Responsibilities of Logistic Department
Types of Vehicles in the Factory
Purchase Department
Administration Department
My Activities at CCBPL, Multan Plant
In Finance Department
In Management Information System Department
In Marketing Department
Name of the Field Purpose
Purposes It Serves
Some Special Activities in Marketing Department
Go Red Activity
An Interesting Incident
Market Surveys and My Assignment
Arrangements of Annual Employee Day
Go Red Activity in Dera Ghazi Khan
Accident in Dera Ghazi Khan
Arrangements of Business Plan 2001 

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