National Bank

MCB besides being money financial organization have rendered invaluable services in the economics and social developments of our country. MCB today, represents a bank that has grown with time, experience and Pakistan. A major financial institution, in scope and size, it symbolizes a fully-grown tree.  Evergreen, Strong, and firmly rooted.

MCB relies on strong, lasting relationship with its customers and on its reputation for stability and security for its continued process. Its philosophy has been to adopt steady course. It has pursued small, less risky loans to consumers and business, and shied away from risky loans. MCB extends its philosophy to its technology strategy but not perusing technology for technology's sake. However, MCB learns from the mistakes of others especially in "consumer banking". We let others get in first, take the hit, and find out the flows. Said MCB officials - and has installed efficient and effective system for processing and delivering information.

The board of directors has the authority in guiding Bank affairs and in making general policies.  Some directors are the personnel of the MCB Bank and others are successful businessperson and executives of other major organization.  Nineteen members are included in board of directors.

I. I. Chudrigor Road of Karachi has same importance in Pakistan’s economy as of the Wall Street in world economy. The division working under MCB Head office are as follows:

  • Administration
  • Credit Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Human Resource
  • Information Technology
  • Corporate Planning & Budgeting
  • Finance & Treasury
  • International Division
  • Inspection & Audit
  • Law Division
  • Marketing & Development
  • Trustee Division

Under the President An Executive Committee and a Credit Committee works. All the matter of the bank join to the board of director are presented to the executive committee which is responsible for daily operation of the bank .The request for credit exceeding the General Manager power is approved by the Credit Committee. Under the area Executive is the General Manager who is the in charge of the Circle Office. Under the General Manager is the Zonal Manager and then the Branch Manager. At present, there are 9 circles, 47 regions and 1400+ branches. Before privatization there were provincial chiefs for all the four provinces. But this management now has abolished the provincial officers and improved the efficiency of the bank. 

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