Fatima Enterprises

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Fatima Enterprises is situated near B.C. Chowk on Jail road Multan. It is solvent extraction plant. Its chief executive is Mr. Sheikh Nishat. It is public limited company. Seven Directors are running to the Fatima Enterprises. Share of Govt. in Fatima Enterprises are 51% and 49% shares are Fatima Enterprises own. It 1972 it was nationalized by Govt. then Govt. offered to Fatima Enterprises for a plant of Ghee. In 1979 Rashida bad unit was established and then it has privatized. At the name of Fatima Enterprises two Ghee plant are established in Multan which are at name of Fatima Nasirabad unite and Fazal Rashida bad unite Fazal vegetable product. Two coHon factories which name are Ginning Section No.1 and 2. The cotton factories situated at Bahawalpur Road.


No nation is an island an to itself. All nations participate in the world economy and are linked to gather through trade and finance. The Trade linkages of imports and exports of goods and services are seen when united states Imports cars from Japan or export Computer to Mexico. Financial linkages come when the united states borrow from Japan to Finance it budget deficit. Nations keep a close watch on their foreign trade flows. One particularly important index is net exports which is numerical difference between the value of exports and value of imports. When the export exceed imports the difference is a surplus. The Goal of expanding international Trade has become increasing by glob have seen that foreign Trade spurs efficiency and Economic Growth. As the cost of Tran portion and combination have declined. International linkages have become tighter then they were a generation age. International Trade has refaced empire building and military conquest as the surest road to national wealth and influence


Prices of commodities are determined  demand for  and  supply of it the preferences and income   of customers. On the  one hand and production possibilities  on the other. At the point of  equilibrium demand and supply will equal  each other and also the pries of commodities  equals its costs  of production  per unite. The cost of production is composed of price paid for the factors required for the production  of commodity. Ohlin thus points mutual  interdependence of price of commodities the price of required factors, the demand for  the commodities as well as the demand  for and supply of factor. Just as individuals  specifies in some economic activity  in which they hare comparative advantage on the  has is  of their  talent  and aptitudes.

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